Why Fort Myers Is Considered as a Spectacular Outdoor Hub?

Surrounded by water, wildlife and warmth, the Fort Myers is an ideal destination for enjoyable, outdoor activities. But the only question arises in mind is, where to start?

When planning a visit in Fort Myers, the beach might be an obvious choice for most visitors, even if only to take the glimpse of glittery sunset! However, if you want to spend the whole day in the sun, you’ll find dozens of beaches to choose from. After all, more partying people are on Fort Myers Beach, the adventure loving people at Cayo Costa and the nature enthusiasts at Lover’s Key State Park.

If you love the great outdoors and want to get fascinated by the fascinated by the historical myths simultaneously, the Edison & Ford Winter Estate can be a must-visit destination to explore. Remember, no matter whatever sight you choose, you’ll feel wanting more of the great outdoors in Fort Myers.

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Top Reasons To Consider Fort Myers as an Excellent Outdoor Paradise

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Covering over 20 acres land along the Caloosahatchee River, the Edison & Ford Winter Estates offers awe-inspiring views of two greatest inventors in America, i.e. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Here, you can get to see the most popular inventions of Thomas Edison, like the light bulb, telephone, telegraph, x-ray machine, phonography and much more.


As the areas of Southwest Florida are encircled by water, so it offers nice and awesome views of the shore. However, you’ll find numerous marina boats available for you to rent and explore on your own. Remember one thing that, the waters are shallow and are not quite easy for daily navigation that you can expect. If you want to throw a cheeky party, then you should try the Pieces of Eight Pirate Cruise.

Lakes Regional Park

If you will walk around 2.5 miles of unpaved and paved paths along the Lakes Regional Park, then you can enjoy the fun of boating and rental bike tours at the best possible prices. There’s even a small water park for kids to cool off themselves. You should check out the Miniature Railroad offering a 15 minute ride along a small scale village. When riding or walking, get magnificent views of birds like the Heron and Ibis, the fragrant garden and even a seasonal community garden. In fact, this park area hosts any cultural and music festivals as well as the Seasonal Farmers Market on every Friday Morning.


The most popular activity to be enjoyed in the outdoor of Fort Myers is on the beautiful beaches. Almost too many to count, each beach has its own style, personality and charm. If you want lots of pleasurable activities and the party atmosphere, then you should make a visit to the Fort Myers beach. If you’re looking for a tranquil setting, blue water and white sand, you should try out Captiva Island. Even if the choices for the Fort Myers beaches are too many to name; but all have something to offer.

Holiday Water Sports

There’re so many ways to get utmost fun on the water in Fort Myers. And Holiday Water Sports has it all on offer. One of the most popular experiences you will get here is flying above the beach through a parasail. Jet skiing is one of the excellent spectrums; which can offer a great extent of speed and exhilaration. Other activities to be enjoyed here, are the standing up paddle boards, aqua cycles with giant flotation wheels and much more.

Planning For A Trip To Fort Myers!!

Shuttle From Ft Myers To Ft Lauderdale

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If you’re planning for an upcoming trip in Fort Myers, it’s suggested to enjoy all these activities by choosing a reliable and excellent transportation choice. Hence, it’ll be best for you to choose the private transportation service of a shuttle from Ft Myers to Ft Lauderdale to maximize your travel experiences. For more help, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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